Undersea walk in Grand Bay, Mauritius.

Undersea walk in Mauritius

Exciting moments among fishes!

What is undersea walk?

Undersea walk is a nautical activity that is practiced in the lagoon of Mauritius to a depth varying between 3 to 4 meters. It is a simple and easy way to stroll on the seabed without having to be a seasoned diver. The participant will have a transparent helmet on the shoulders through which he can admire corals and fish.

How it is done?

The activity starts from a platform at sea. The participant will be weighted with a lead belt and a transparent helmet resting on the shoulders. The weight of the helmet added to the ballasting of lead, will help to keep the diver on the seabed. The helmet is connected to the platform by a tube. This will provide air permanently in the helmet by the help of a compressor. Thus the diver will be able to breathe normally as on land in the open air.

Security issues

Undersea walk in Mauritius is practiced in diving areas specially designated for this purpose. Rubber shoes will be provided to prevent possible feet injury by corals or stone-fish. Qualified divers will accompany participants for guided tours in the marine environment. The breathing is done in a normal way through the nose without mouthpiece. Those who wear glasses or contact lenses will be able to keep it since the face will not be submerge.

Who can do participate?

Practically everyone can do it provided they can stand on their feet. This activity is also practicable for people who suffer from mild physical disabilities. No need to know how to swim or dive to do it . It is accessible to children from 10 years old and adults including very old age persons. It is absolutely not necessary to be able to swim to practice it.

What to expect during the undersea walk?

The participant will have the opportunity to take a walk in an underwater garden to discover a multitude of fish and a variety of tropical corals in their natural habitats. The dive will take place in the middle of a cloud of fish that will be fed. The scuba divers will help participant to make discover mollusks and other rare marine creatures.


Due to gravity, walking on the seabed is like stepping on the surface of the moon. Hence the reason for the ballasting. Breathing normally in the submarine world just as in the open air and evolving among marine creatures in their natural habitats is simply fascinating! For the duration of this dive, forget all stresses and be part of Captain Nemo’s world in the Big Blue!


From start to the end, the activity lasts around 1 hour from which 15 minutes will be spent on the seabed.

An alternative for undersea walk in Mauritius is Scubadoo diving.


Good to know

  • Start - North
  • Operation day - Everyday
  • Duration - 1 h
  • Hours of activity - 09:00 to 15:00
  • Availablity - Booking at least 1 weeks prior to date
  • Transport - offer as supplement


  • Participant(as from 10 years) - 50 €
  • Non-diving participant - 20 €
  • Group - ask for quote
  • Mode of payment - Cash payment. Euro, USD or local currency accepted.


50% deposit is required for this booking

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