Scubadoo mauritius submarine scooter

scubadoo dive, mauritius

Do diving Quick, Easy, Safe and Fun with scubadoo mauritius submarine scooter. Suitable for all ages from 8 yrs up. No lengthy courses, so you get underwater sooner.

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Diving with scubadoo mauritius submarine scooter.

The Scubadoo mauritius submarine scooter is a self propelled diving vehicle, used primarily for introductory dives to a maximum depth of 10 meters. Scuba-dooing means you don't need to wear a mask or a mouthpiece as in normal Scuba diving, and the air tank and diving weights are on the Scuba-Doo, not you!
Diving with scubadoo mauritius submarine scooter is Quick, Easy, Safe and Fun. Suitable for all ages from 8 yrs up. No lengthy courses, so you get underwater sooner.
You are seated on your Scuba-Doo, with your head and shoulders within a clear dome, your air supply constantly replenished from the scuba tank, enabling you to breath normally!

Maneuverable? You Bet! At a rate of 2,5 knots you're able to ride amongst the spectacular underwater world, or remain stationary and observe the abundant fish.
Wear your spectacles or contact lenses in the Scuba-Doo - NO PROBLEM!
There's no need to be strong swimmer, in fact the Scuba-Doo is even used by people with minor disabilities.
Your Dive Instructor will show you the safety techniques of the Scuba-Doo, and you'll be off enjoying yourself in just a few minute, while those doing a resort scuba dive are still doing their class. No Previous Diving experience is needed.

Plus your entire experience is captured in digital photography. With pictures being available on CD as soon as you have completed your Scuba-Doo Dive.


Conditions of participation

Scuba-Doo operates under strict Mauritian, MSDA and PADI health and safety guidelines and policies for Scuba Diving.
We unfortunately sometimes have to decline customers due to certain pre/existing medical conditions.
1. The Scuba-Doo adventure is dependant on a medical questionnaire
being completed prior to the start of the Safety briefing. NO ONE
will be allowed to participate UNLESS the medical questionnaire
has been completed. For your own safety we need to know if you
have or had any conditions listed in our medical form.
For any further advise/information on medical conditions please
contact us.
A full copy of our medical statement can be supplied on request.

2. You MAY NOT dive 12 hours prior to your departure flight.
3. You MAY NOT dive if you have consumed any alcohol on the day of your dive.
Concealment of any condition incompatible with safe diving might put you life or health at risk.

As your Safety is our primary concern, The On Duty Dive Instructor has final say over acceptance of any person for ANY of our Diving activities. If, in the opinion of the On Duty Dive Instructor, there is any risk of danger to your life, or your fellow participants, they have the right and authority to refuse your participation

  • Tarif - Per person (as from 8 yrs old) - 65 €
  • Boarding - Every 2 hours, north of Mauritius
  • Free transfer - North of the island only
  • Pick up - Depend
  • Duration - 2 hrs
  • Snack and drink include
  • Free gift - Photos and videos of your dive deliver on dvd
  • Available everyday except Monday. ( Online booking only)


Good to know

  • Start - North-west
  • Operation day - Tuesday to Sunday
  • Duration - 2 h
  • Hours of activity - Every 2 hours as from 9:00
  • Availablity - Booking at least 2 weeks prior to date
  • Transport - offer as supplement


  • Adult - 65 €
  • Child (8 yrs upwards) - 65 €
  • Mode of payment - Cash payment. Euro, USD or local currency accepted.


Booking with no deposit requirement.

Scubadoo dive