Parasailing in Mauritius.

Parasailing in Mauritius

Parasailing is a fun aerial activity which is practiced in the lagoon of Mauritius. Parachute raise up and land down on a boat at sea.

What is parasailing?

Parasailing, sometimes also call 'paragliding' in Mauritius is an aerial sport practiced off the coast. Unlike conventional parachute jumping, instead of going down to the ground, this activity consists of being hoisted up in the air hanging to a parachute and being towed by a boat. Depending on where it is organized, the activity can start either at the back of a boat or from a platform at sea. In most cases, it is from a boat to combine the pleasure of a beautiful marine ballad with the sensation of flying like a bird!

How does parachute ascend?

Aboard a boat equipped with powerful engines, the ascent always begins with safety instructions before the participant is taken to the take-off area.
A skipper will harness him to the parachute which is attached to a long cable. Once verified that the harness is secure and the parachute correctly installed to deploy, he will signal the pilot to start speeding the boat.
The speed of the boat will inflate the parachute which will slowly lift the person into the air.
As the cable is deployed the parachute will raise higher and higher until it reaches the maximum height. This will depend on the length of the cable. Generally it is about a hundred meters. The boat will then maintain its speed while facing the wind to keep parachutist hanging in the air, admiring the landscape.

Difficulty level

Parasailing is not difficult. It is even accessible to children from 10 years old.. All that the participant will have to do is to be towed There is no other maneuver to do.


While maintaining its speed windwards, the boat will rewind the cable, pulling the parachute towards the boat.
The boat will be in neutral gear when flyer touch the platform.
A skipper will be there to slow the descent and release the parachute harness.
For more sensation, on the descent, the participant can request that he landed first in the sea, then go up in the air before landing on the boat for good.


From boarding a customer on board to the end his pparasailing session, the total duration will vary between 25 to 30 minutes including 6 to 12 minutes suspended in the air at a hundred meters. However, this duration varies from one place to another. Example; Grand Bay - 10 minutes, Belle Mare - 6 minutes, Deer Island - 6 minutes and Trou aux Biches - 12 minutes.

An alternative for undersea walk in Mauritius is Scubadoo diving.


Good to know

  • Start - North-west and east
  • Operation day - Everyday
  • Duration - 30 Minutes
  • Hours of activity - 09:00 to 15:00
  • Availablity - Booking at least 1 weeks prior to date
  • Transport - offer as supplement


  • Participant (10 years old upwards) - 50 €
  • Non-flying participant - 20 €
  • Group - ask for quote
  • Mode of payment - Cash payment. Euro, USD or local currency accepted.


50% deposit is required for this booking

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