Ecosud tour, visit of Mauritius

ecosud tour, visit Mauritius

Ecosud tour is a nice personal guided visit of mauritius to discover the southern natural beauty of the island

During Ecosud tour, visit the 23 colored earths of Mauritius, endemic plants, waterfalls, fruit, flowers and rare animals. Experience the sensation of off road quad biking, experience the highest, the longest zip line overlooking panoramic views of Mauritius, a walk through the marvelous world of waterfalls. Discover Saint Aubin distillery and its colonial house, breeding of turtles and crocodiles, the village of Cluny and its dry soil rice plantation

The valley of colors

The "Valley of Colors" is a haven of peace and beauty. Forget all your worries and daily stress and let yourself be carried away by the mystery of his extraordinary panorama. This valley is an extraordinary place where you can have the chance to enjoy the splendid expanse of land, with twenty-three different colors. The lush vegetation, birds, animals, endangered plants, ponds and streams are combined with the multicolored earth to form this magnificent landscape.
Explore this little gem of nature by foot or quad. In short, the Valley of Colors is a pleasure for all senses: the songs of birds and waterfalls are like the sweetest music and the picturesque landscape is a delight for the eyes. If you are hungry, the restaurant in the valley fills the appetites of gourmets with its delicious dishes.
Possibility of quad biking or zip-lining on site (fee)

Le Domaine Saint Aubain

A few kilometers north of Souillac in the direction of Rivière des Anguilles (Eels River) is a beautiful 19th century colonial mansion. Residential home of the sugar plantation owner, it was built in 1819 near the factory, with timber from demolished ships. The staircase leading upstairs was built around a mast of a ship, and the framing of the attic is that of an old hull. In 1970, because of impressive noise generated by a nearby sugar mill, the owners decided to rebuild the house a few hundred meters further on the site it occupies today Occupied successively by different directors of the sugar plantation, the house has undergone a major renovation in the 90s and is now part of the architectural heritage of Mauritius. It was transformed into “table d'hôte” and welcomes in its veranda and lounges, lovers of authentic local cuisine.
Ecosud tour will bring you to visit an anthurium and vanilla greenhouse in the south of Mauritius, a nature trail, a house of vanilla displaying the production process of the famous aromatic clove, rum and a house where you will discover all the subtleties of the distillation a rum: the famous “rum St. Aubin 1819”. This traditional rum produced locally from the first cane juice is aged in oak barrels for 2 or 3 years, arranged with vanilla or coffee Chamarel.

La Reserve des Mascareignes

La Reserve des mascareignes, an idyllic and picturesque park, extends its property over 3.5 acres of lush greenery.
You will follow the path through nature surrounded by beautiful palm trees, banana trees and giant bamboos and you believe in full rainforest. In this stunning environment, you will discover many species of animals from the Mascarene Islands (Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion) and other southern islands of the Indian Ocean.
Guides will inform you while leading you to walk through the park where 1500 Nile crocodiles are bred. You will live an unforgettable experience walking in the middle colonies of giant turtles; you will probably meet "Domino" the dean, 95 years, of 275 kg.
Visit an insectarium which houses one of the most significant private collections in the world with 23,000 species.

Rice plantation

Ecosud tour will end by discovering the knowledge and skillfulness of Mauritian who have managed to grow rice outside traditional rice paddies.

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  • Operation day - Everyday
  • Duration - 10:00 +
  • Hours of activity - 08:00 - 18:00
  • Availablity - Booking at least 2 weeks prior to date
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Ecosud tour