Big Game Fishing boat in Mauritius

Big game fishing boat mauritius

Rent a big game fishing boat for deep sea fishing in Mauritius. Try your luck to catch the biggest marlin of the fishing competition!

The price for big game fishing boat in mauritius vary according to size. The price mention below is the average for a very good boat. Maybe one can get cheaper than ours but cheap don't necessary mean better when it is concern about fishing in Mauritius! What we can promise is that with your travel agent or at hotels in Mauritius, you will definitely pay it around 50% to 100% more than normal cost for the same product.
Sport fishermen will be delighted to participate in a big game fishing boat in Mauritius. Game fishing can be done all over the year though the best period for interesting catches is between October and April. The ocean around Mauritius harbors an important population of blue and black marlin, different species of tuna, shark and bonito. School of yellow tuna of 65 to 90 kg abound in the Mauritian sea from March to April, well as wahoos, the most rapid fish of the marine world flourish in September. What can be a more interesting experience for an angler than the fight with a sailfish which will fly out of the water in an ultimate struggle for its life! Or to catch an enormous marlin.
Mauritius hold several world records (IGFA),concerning big game fishing, among which is a Mako shark of 1115 lbs, a blue shark of 400 lbs, a 45.5 lbs bonito, a 224 lbs white fin tuna and a becune of 125 lbs. Among African records (GUFA) is a yellow fin tuna of 212 lbs and a white fin tuna of 224 lbs. Two blue marlins of 1430 lbs and 1335 respectively had recently been caught.

Actually, big game fishing (sport fishing) is now one of the most popular marine activities in Mauritius and the services have greatly improved over time. Some very professional operator offer 40 to 50 feet length boat, well equipped and adapted to high seas with which they are able to reach fishing spot within a few hours. Our boats are skippered by experts in local conditions, are able to "read" the current, the surface of the sea and sea birds activities to locate school of fish. Our fishing equipment are sophisticated and replaced regularly.

The most sought fish by anglers is of course the Blue Marlin. Big game fishing world (World Marlin Cup) record had occurred in the Mauritian waters. Catch that can weigh several hundred pounds!. You can also fish for tuna, barracuda and sharks. Sometime you can make an impressive catch and sometimes nothing at all, and yes that's fishing!
Do you want to try your luck to make an interesting catch?


Good to know

  • Start - North, west or east
  • Operation day - Everyday
  • Duration - Depend on chosen option
  • Hours of activity - Depend on chosen option
  • Availablity - Booking at least 2 weeks prior to date
  • Transport - Offer as supplement


  • 16.6 mts boat - 1300 € / full day
    1000 € / half day
  • 15.6 mts boat - 950 € / full day
    750 € / half day
  • 14 mts boat - 725 € / full day
    650 € / half day
  • 11.33 mts boat - 550 € / full day
    450 € / half day
  • full day - 7:00 to 16:00 pm
  • half day - 7:00 to 13:00 pm or 13:00 to 18:00 pm
  • Mode of payment - In cash, in local currency, at start of excursion


50% deposit is neccesary for this booking.

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